Our Staff & Volunteers

  • Network Coordinator:
    Maryssa Fenwick, help@buttemutualaid.org

  • Hotline Coordinator:
    Cassie Weighman, help@buttemutualaid.org

If you prefer to contact us by phone, call the Butte Mutual Aid Help Hotline: (406) 782-4834 X 305.


The Butte Mutual Aid Network is coordinated by your neighbors with the support of many partner organizations and individuals.

To offer assistance to neighbors in need during the Covid-19 crisis, please complete the I Can Help form. If you are unable to provide direct assistance, let us know if you would like to join our team of facilitators. Facilitators are responsible for matching those who need help with those who need assistance.

Please also consider a donation – 100% of donations will be disbursed to people in need in Butte.

Offline donations may be sent to:
The Butte Mutual Aid Network
Todd Hoar
305 West Mercury Street #105, Butte, Montana - 59702

Disclaimer: Butte Mutual Aid Network intake volunteers will do their best to ensure the health and safety of themselves and those they serve. We are a network of neighbors helping neighbors. We are not health, legal, or mental health professionals and cannot provide legal and healthcare advice. While we will do our best to match volunteers to your needs, please understand that there may be delays as we work to find a volunteer, and we cannot provide for every request. This may be due to lack of volunteers or requests that fall outside our scope of assistance. We will redirect your request to other organizations when appropriate. For assistance with legal and healthcare matters, please see our resources page. By completing the sign up forms, you agree that you accept all risk and responsibility and further hold any facilitator associated with Butte Mutual Aid harmless.

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